“Meet the Breed”

A Public Education Presentation



What is Meet the Breed?


  Meet the Breed is a Special Event activity where breeders/exhibitors/handlers/owners are invited to present their breeds to the (general public) spectators at our Silver Bay Kennel Club Dog Shows. Quality representatives of featured breeds are presented to give the public a comparison base to use when purchasing a puppy. Additionally, by educating the pet-buying public before a pet is purchased, we hope to decrease the number of dogs straining rescue programs.


  Just as people are different and have different needs in their pets, not all breeds are alike. Some require more space or more grooming than others. Some are a better choice if there are small children in the family. Some have a very high energy level and others are more sedate. The Meet the Breed program provides a chance for the spectators to touch a breed, or determine for themselves whether they can be around a very energetic breed. Additionally, education is provided for those interested in a specific breed as well as for those who like dogs but don’t have a specific breed in mind.




  To provide an organized function where the public may come, see, and be around dogs from breeds in which they are interested and talk to the breeders / exhibitors / and or specialty club representatives. We believe a well-educated public will make better selections in the puppies they choose. We hope our program will help to lower the number of puppies found in shelters and rescue organizations. We also encourage interests in all aspects of the sport of purebred dogs.


Advantages to those participating


  Easy forum to promote good public relations for clubs and breed supporters.


  No cost to the clubs/groups participating except for handouts and parking.


  Information may be disseminated on puppy selection, general breed information: and

  Club meetings, activities, rescue programs, etc., resulting in a better educated public

  and attracting new participants in all aspects of the sport of pure-bred dogs.


        Hand Outs


  Each breed is encouraged to bring information hand-outs with them covering:


  1. General information on their breed.

  2. Articles on how to select a puppy.

  3. Breed/Ethics Guidelines which may have been developed by the national or local  Club.

  4. Local meeting information, including a contact as well as a date, time, and location of meetings.

  5. Local and national rescue contact information.

  6. Local and national breeder referral contact information.


Participants and Dogs Being Presented


  The dogs representing a breed should be good specimens as compared to the breed standard, clean and of good temperament.


  Those individuals presenting dogs in the Meet the Breed program should be neatly dressed.


  To keep our club out of club or breed politics, the person who first commits a breed to participate in Meet the Breed becomes the primary contact responsible for gathering the people and dogs together who will represent the breed.


Breed Presentation Guidelines


  You may have 1 – 2 AKC registered dogs in the Meet the Breed Booth. However size may play a factor, some smaller breeds may have more. One adult male, one adult female, and one young dog (the young dog should be 6 months or older) should represent a breed. But they do not have to present all at the same time if the breed is large. If a breed has differences in coat type, it is very nice to have dogs representing some of the different coat colors or coat types. (The adult male can be one color the adult female a different color, and the young dog still another color.) This will generally give a good representation of the quality or type of coat, sizes if dogs, and temperament differences that may be present on a breed.




  The sale of puppies (any animal) is not allowed.

Have fun and enjoy.